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Lang Jujube


The Lang jujube trees are beautiful, no-care ornamental with striking, gnarled, light grey branches when dormant. Lang jujube fruit is large, pear-shaped, sweet, crisp and reddish to golden brown. The fruit is distinctly pear shaped. Ripens in early fall, a bit earlier than Li jujube tree,  and can be eaten fresh or dried. Often pollinated with another Jujube variety for more fruit. The Lang jujube tree is often selected for drying and is the jujube recognized as Chinese date.  Jujubes trees do very well in hot interior regions and are extremely drought tolerant. Please refer below for further information of the Lang jujube trees for sale. 

Considerations for Lang Jujube

USDA Zones: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Uses: Fresh Eating, Canning / Preserves

Harvest Period: Late

Low Chill: Yes

Bloom Period: Very Late

Pollination Requirement: Partially self-fruitful more fruit with another variety

Origin Date: China 1800's

Storage: Several months

Disease Resistance: Excellent

Years to Bear: 1-2 years

Recommended Spacing: 12-16 ft.

Mature Size: 12-16 ft.

Pruning: Summer prune to maintain 8 ft.

Water Requirements: 4-8 gallons per week May through Sept.

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